Friday, March 11, 2011

Forgotten Crocus

When I pulled out the storage box of garden supplies, I saw that I had a bag of crocus bulbs at the bottom of the box. What?!? Argh! I saw that they had sprouted a bit. So, I thought, what if I put these in soil now and try to force them to bloom? Afterall, the basement was pretty chilly all winter long. We shall see if this works.
Writing about gardening seems a bit trivial when there was a devastating earthquake and tsunami in Japan. Watching the news and seeing all the footage is just heartbreaking and tragic. My heart and prayers goes out to the people of Japan.


  1. Good luck with the crocus.
    I hope the people of Japan find strength and peace.

  2. I do believe you could make a 'rock' grow so I bet they do well.

  3. I found some old onions in a forgotten container. I think I'll leave them and see what happens!

  4. The crocus should work, and that would be a welcome sight of spring.
    The images coming out of Japan are truly amazing. I have a hard time coming up with the right words. The devastation is so heartbreaking and frightening but at the same time, there is something awe inspiring about seeing the power of the earth and water.

  5. Your blog is seriously the most fun to read. I love seeing what you're up to! I have never had crocuses. Gotta change that and soon!

  6. Yes, that's sad.

    Plant them and they'll be okay.


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