Thursday, March 3, 2011

Craving Seafood

Ever since the oil spill in the Gulf coast, I've been kinda scared to death to eat seafood. I mean, how do they clean up all that oil? Seriously?  Is the seafood safe to eat, one has to wonder.  I've been avoiding seafood as much as I could, but lately, I've been really craving it.  I saw at the supermarket today they had fresh catfish for sale.  Since we've been eating a lot of meat and pork lately, I thought, okay, I'll get the catfish and hope for the best.  I should have asked the guy behind the counter if this was farm raised fish, or where the catfish came from. I totally forgot to ask.  To prepare the catfish, I dipped it in egg, then salt, pepper and flour.  I cooked it in vegetable oil in a frying pan.  Very tasty.  One thing I forgot was to pick up relish to make tartar sauce.  Dang it!  We also bought some fresh green beans, that were $1.99 a pound.  I sauteed the pole beans with some butter and garlic.  I was highly disappointed in the taste.  They just weren't as sweet as the ones we grow in the garden.  The ones we grow taste so much better!  I can't wait for spring so we can get the Pole Bean plants in the ground.
Here's a question for the folks that live down South near the Gulf, have they really cleaned it up?  Did they do a good job with removing the oil from the beaches and coastline?
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  1. I guess home grown is the best.

  2. Sounds tasty. Farm raised is probably the safest way to go now. I've always preferred wild for the taste though.

  3. Your catfish looks yummy. We go fishing at a lake nearby sometimes and get some once in a while but mostly other kinds of fish. I was craving oysters so hubby brought me home some but they are local too.

  4. We won't buy Gulf seafood anymore and we always ask before buying. But we buy most of our seafood from a small shack (literally) that sources its seafood from fishermen on the NC coast. They're only open Thurs - Sat and they drive down to the coast on Wed to pick up the stuff for the week. It's always very fresh and we're supporting a local business who buys only from NC fishermen.

    We shy away from buying farmed fish, but for some species, like catfish, it's impossible unless you catch it yourself in a pond.


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