Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Welcome to the Dead Zone

We have been having the worst heat wave in quite some time. I have already lost count of how many 90+ degree days of heat, hot and humidity. And there is no relief in sight. Even worse, we've had very little rainfall to speak of. So everything is pretty much withering in this torching heat, despite trying to water the garden and plants twice a day. Here is poor Holly plant, all the leaves have turned brown!

Our once beautiful hostas are now tan and brown too. Crispy, to say the least!

Poor fern, it didn't know what hit him.

Last, but not least, poor little rhubarb plant is being decimated by a bug and the heat. I hope it will survive!


  1. I can relate to this post, my garden is suffering the same neglect. Luckily we had some rain in the past 2 days but after weeks of heat, heat, and more heat it will take more to get it out of the drought.

  2. Oh NO. It just stinks doesn't it. This has been a fickled gardening year. One week everything is fine and 'Bamm' the next week your losing something. We too have had the same weather conditions. We have finally gotting some rain but more is needed. Hang in there!!! I love NY.

  3. We've had some rain, but not at the right time. It's been very hot here too.

  4. This has been an extremely tough year for the garden here in the Northeast....hang in there. This is the first year for your garden. As your soil improves and knowledge expands, it will get easier....If only Mother Nature would behave herself!!

  5. Growing crops in pots gives you more flexibility and can help keep plants hydrated even in the scorching heat. Though that didn't help our blueberry bushes that just flamed out after the first few 90 degree days...

  6. Me too! It's horrible! ::thinking positive for you::


  7. We have been lucky enough to have periodic thunder storms with quite a bit of rain. Still, I am not happy with the number of tomatoes on the plants. I want more but the good news is no late blight yet. Keep the faith. The hostas are pretty tough plants.

  8. I feel your pain. My hostas and ferns are miserable, too. We got rain a few days ago, and a break from mid-90s temps (though they're supposed to be back starting tomorrow...) You should see my lawn. It looks like hay ;-)

  9. Awww... your hostas look like mine. I'm hoping that nothing gets quite as crispy as your fern, but we've gone a long time without rain here, too. And I only water new things, and edibles. I kind of feel like I'm fighting a losing battle! I assume you do, too? :(


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