Sunday, July 11, 2010

Early July Harvest!

This week, I had a littler helper in the garden. My nephew was visiting this week and he loves to garden. Here he is helping me dig up the potatos. The harvests are definitely getting larger now.

We dug up potatos, carrots, and picked pole beans and cucumber. The carrots are disappointingly small still. They have been in the ground since March, not sure what is going on. I suspect they don't like our soil. Next year, definitely need to add more amendments to the soil.

I don't have a scale to weigh my vegetables this year. That is on my wishlist for Christmas. I told my husband, that the only thing I wanted was a food scale. LOL. He thought it was funny. So I've been keeping track numerically by how much I've harvested to date. It's a modest harvest, but not bad for a first time gardener.

2010 Vegetables Harvested to Date
Radish - 7
Radish Greens - 1 bunch
Lettuce - 3 bunches
String bean - 24
Raspberry - 2
Red Onions - 3 small onions
Red Potato - 9 small potato
White potato - 3 small potato
Zucchini - 4
Beet - 1
Cucumber - 7
Carrots - 6 baby
Rain Barrel Water Collected - 284 Gallons


  1. First of all, your nephew is adorable.

    Second, what a delicious looking selection you have there! I haven't dug into my potato plots (3 total) yet but am planning on doing so this week. Hope they look as fantastic as your!

  2. Thanks so much for your recent blog visit and comment. You are indeed doing really well for a first time gardener! I suck at carrots, so no advice here. Trying them in containers this year but they got planted really late so they probably will not get very big. Happy harvesting, your helper is super cute!

  3. NIce harvest- i wish I had some of those potatoes

  4. What a cute helper. Hopefully he is only picking/pulling what you want harvested!

    Good going with the garden!

  5. Nice harvest. I like the idea of teaching children about gardening. I learned by watching, first my grandparents, then my mother. Thanks to them all, I am now an enthusiastic gardener.

  6. What an impressive harvest so far! I'm impressed not just by your vegetables but also by your rain water tally. WOW.

    Carrots are really slow for me always. This year I've been doing better with germination, but just last week something wiped out my tiny carrot sprouts. Gone. Just one.

    Is there anything more delicious than gardening with a child?

  7. Nice harvest! Are you really a first time gardener, it's hard to believe.

  8. Nice harvest, love the colors in your picture. Great that you have your helper, and passing down a love of gardening!

  9. Nice potatoes! They are a very good size.

  10. The variety in your harvest is great! I'm also a first time gardener this year and I'd say you're doing much better than I am. Also, what a cutie you have there for a garden helper!

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  12. awwww, he's so cute! He must have had such fun digging this stuff up!


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