Wednesday, January 25, 2012

And They Keep Coming

My mailbox is being clogged by seed catalogs.  Seed catalogs are fun to look through, but I don't like getting catalogs from random companies that I don't order from.  I find it really annoying because I don't know these companies and how reliable they are.  Those catalogs just end up getting recycled.  I have to be good about ordering this year. I told myself that I won't be ordering any seeds or bulbs this year because... I went a little overboard last year and still have lots of seeds.  I have to force myself to not order anything.  I KNOW... that is going to be impossible.  LOL. 


  1. It is hard to resist all those glossy photos.
    I try to make a plan of what I truly want before I allow myself those impulse orders (and they happen!)

  2. You could always write to the companies and tell them to stop sending the catalogs to you. :)

  3. I always want to order so much!

  4. Wow - good luck with not ordering any seeds! That would be hard to do!

    This year I only got catalogs from Territorial, Peaceful Valley, and Thompson and Morgan - and I'm kind of glad. I've looked online at Johnny's Selected Seeds, Renee's Garden, and FedCo Seeds - those are the three companies that I will be ordering seeds from.

    Definitely write or call those companies and tell them to stop mailing you catalogs - and to remove your name from their list / not to share your info with anyone. Sucks that someone out there is passing your info along to places you've never asked to receive things from! I hate when that happens.

    I am REALLY trying to limit the number of seeds I order. It's hard. It helps that I am BROKE right now, but still. With all those tomato seeds I got through trading last year, why on earth should I still want to try MORE varieties? (and where am I going to put them?) Sigh.

  5. I know what you mean! I have tons, just stacked up. I keep meaning to look through them and pick out some fun new heirloom varieties :) I have no idea how the majority of these companies got my name - I haven't heard of many of them.


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