Friday, January 13, 2012

Moo Business Cards

Lately, many people who I know, or new people I have been meeting have been asking me about gardening and what my blog web address is.  I have business cards for my web design business, so I figured, why don't I go ahead and get business cards for blogging?  I have mini cards for work, and I love the quality of the cards.  They are a UK based company, that now prints in the US.  What I like about Moo's cards is that they allow you to have different designs on each card, so if you want to use different images, you can.  You can upload your own photos or use your own designs, but I decided to pick out designs available on the site.  How cute are these?  I so love the bear gnome and carrot one.  I also bought a card holder keychain to hold all my cards.  Moo also uses 100% recycled stock for their paper.  Now that's a company I can stand behind!  If you are interested in making a purchase with Moo, send me a comment, and I'll send you a discount code for 15% off your first order.  (Oh, and btw, did not in any way compensate me for this review.  I use and like the product and just want to spread the word.)


  1. OMG Mimi how cute! Love your little logo graphics, esp the gnome gardening buddy. Im redoing the laundry room now, a process that is well into two weeks and finally wrapping theme "woodland creatures" It will have a gnome and lots of felt mushrooms and a few owls thrown in. I will be mod podging a galvanized sheet metal cabinet with either fabric scraps or seed packets, stay tuned Ill post after pics on the bloggy.

  2. These are SO adorable!!!! Love the garden gnome, of course, and the card holder - keychain is brilliant. How great that they use 100% recycled paper too! I'll have to keep these in mind one day!

  3. Ah! I love moo cards from flickr! Those are great!


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