Saturday, January 28, 2012

I Lied, I Do Need Seeds!

I took a look inside one of my seed boxes tonight.  Gosh, what a hot mess!  I need to organize this pronto!  I thought I had all the seeds that I needed for this season, but I forgotten that I don't have any celery seeds.  Last season, I grew Utah Celery from seeds given to me by Food Garden Kitchen, and I realized that I really loved growing celery. What I loved about the celery was that the taste was totally amazing and I used the entire thing, especially the leaves in soups.  The celery was so flavorful, so much more so than celery you buy at the supermarket.  It's also super fresh and fun to just clip a few stems off the plant and let it continue growing.  Love that, it's like having a constant replenished supply of celery!  Also, it seemed like no bugs liked celery at all, so it wasn't plagued by insect bites.  I told myself that I won't buy any more seeds, but that doesn't mean I can't trade for some! Does anyone out there want to swap seeds with me?

Here is a list of what I'm looking for.
1. Celery
2. Any variety of cherry tomatoes, preferably heirloom variety
3. Pepper plants that do well in containers
4. Eggplants that do well in containers
I'm also open to try any new variety of seeds that I haven't tried before, so if you have something unique, I'm willing!

Here's a list of seeds that I have to offer.

1. Jaune Flamme Tomato - (heirloom saved seeds)
2. Persimmon Tomato - (heirloom saved seeds)
3. Rutgers Tomato -  (heirloom saved seeds)
4. Yellow Pear Tomato -  (heirloom saved seeds)
5. Cherokee Purple Tomato -  (heirloom saved seeds)
6. Chioggia Beets - (Sustainable Seed Co. 2011)
7. Alfalfa Sprouts - (Botanical Interests 2011)
8. Cayenne Pepper - (Mike the Gardener 2011)
9. Sweet Banana Pepper - (Sustainable Seed Co. 2011)
10. Purple Plum Radish - (Sustainable Seed Co. 2011)
11. Chocolate Beauty Pepper - (Sustainable Seed Co. 2011)
12. Roma Tomato - (Gurneys 2010)
13. Chinese Mao Qwa squash or hairy gourd - (saved seeds)
14. Jalapeno Pepper - (saved seeds)
15. Buckwheat (cover crop) - (Johnny Seeds 2010)

If you want to do a swap send me an email here!


  1. hahaha, is there a seeds anonymous?

  2. You'll be receiving an email from me shortly :)

  3. I don't have any spare eggplant seeds, but any do well in containers. I've grown both Asian (smaller) varieties as well as the full-sized ones in containers.

  4. Gee, my seed box looks much the same as that one. I also need more seeds. On the to do list!

  5. I'm going to try celery this year if I have the room...but I have a wonderful collection of seeds that may be of interest, will email.


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