Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Red Boots for Gardening!

For Christmas, I bought myself a gift, although, it's really for the garden.  I splurged on a pair of Crocs rain boots that I intend to use in the garden.  Aren't they cute?
In the past, I had purchased cheapy rain boots that didn't hold up to the amount of time I spent in the garden.  They would wear out in no time, and break by the end of one gardening season.  So this time around, I decided to get a fun color and to invest in a pair of Crocs rain boots.  I bought these online, so I didn't get to try them on before purchasing them.  When I received them in the mail, I was surprised that the material that the boots were made of were really stiff.  It's made out of the same material as the Crocs clogs.  I found them slightly hard to walk in at first, but after a little getting used to, they are more comfortable now.  And I just love the red color!  Very bright, and stylish!  I bought a size 7, but the sizing seems a little bigger than a 7, since there was a lot of space inside the boot.  I think I should have gotten a 6 1/2.  Although, I decided to keep it, because I figured with the extra room, I could also wear warm wooly socks and also used these for the winter.
How about you?  Did you splurge on any fun gardening gifts to yourself?


  1. I bought Mrs IG some Laura Ashley wellingtons. She won't wear them in the garden - she says they're too good!

    I haven't a clue where she's intending to wear them...

  2. I bought some short boots at Tractor Supply for going to the barn and feeding my dogs. Love them.

    I also bought us a table wood scroll saw for XMAS. Helping out so much with the mosaics.

  3. a fan all red shoes (not just garden clogs!), I absolutely LOVE your new boots! How cheery on a mucky day like today. Congrats!

  4. Those are cute!
    I have some Christmas cash that I want to use for a great watering can! Haven't ordered it yet.

  5. Very cute! I bought some rainboots from target last year, and the inside fabric came out. Other than that, they are holding up OK. Hopefully they'll last another season!


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