Saturday, March 31, 2012

A Circle of Tulips

I've been doing a freelance web design position in Battery Park and in the Bowling Green park there is this gorgeous display of tulips planted in a round circle around the fountain.  There's got to be thousands of tulips blooming and it is gorgeous.  I absolutely love that they are all red, it brings a flush of color into this grey space.
The building behind the tulips is the National Museum of the American Indian.  I've never been to this museum but I should check it out one day since the office is within walking distance to it.  It has free admission. Maybe I should run in there during my lunch break one day.
I wonder what is planted in this space when the tulips stop blooming.  We'll have to wait and see next month!


  1. Aaron Burr used to live at Bowling Green. Definitely check out the museum, and the ceiling mural in the great oval hall within.

  2. One of my weaknesses is tulips. I just love them

  3. Nice shots! You're right. It makes a big difference. Please keep us posted on what shoots up next!


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