Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Vegetables Growing in a Mild Winter

Yesterday, I took a walk around the garden and to my surprise shock, I saw some vegetables still growing that I had left in the garden. This past autumn, I became so busy that I never cleaned up the garden.  I didn't pull any of the brassicas or other greens, I left everything that was still growing in the ground.  We've been having the most mild winter, where temperatures have been hovering around the 40s and 50s.  Sometimes even going up to the 60s. Therefore, the Fall vegetables have continued to grow.  Check out the broccoli, it finally grew crowns!
The leeks also going strong!  This was my first time growing leeks and I have to say I love it.  The smell of the leeks is incredible!
The kale has continued to send out leaves!  I am so surprised that these plants all survived the two snow storms we had.  There is no sign of frost burn at all!
Even the brussel sprouts are starting to form their heads. I love brussel sprouts, so I definitely am hoping to be able to harvest these babies.
I decided to harvest some leeks and broccoli crowns to use in my dinner. I wish you could smell these leeks.  The smell was so strong, I could smell it two rooms away!!
I pulled out some garlic scape pesto that I had in the freezer and made a penne pesto pasta with the garden leeks and broccoli. I would have never thought that I would be eating this seasonally in mid-winter!  It's pretty cool but scary at the same time.  I live in NY, there is usually snow on the ground this time of year. So the fact that I can walk out to my backyard garden and pull fresh veggies to use for dinner is a little.... strange.


  1. What a nice garden surprise! I sure hope that this mild winter doesn't mean a buggy gardening season!

  2. This is amazing. We've had the same mild winter here in Michigan, but I would never have expected so many plants to survive and be useable in March.

    It is very cool, but I'm still finding this winter of "no winter" disturbing. Not sure if I'm the only one that finds this a little scary.

  3. That is strange, but it's good you made the discoveries. My regular dark green kale usually makes it through winter, then blooms in the spring.

    I keep thinking the lettuce I planted in January should be coming up. Maybe I lost it, and need to replant. I do have lots of plants coming up.

  4. Been there...and it was then, I realized how much I could grow year round...and how much survived over our winters and I am further north than you are!

    Your pasta looks marvellous!!

  5. What a wonderful surprise! I bet you could seriously grow all winter with some protection if you wanted to. I grew leeks for the first time last year and really enjoyed their flavor.

  6. It's so fun growing your own food. I'm ready for the hubby to till the garden and get the growing started.

    happy weekend, I'm out tomorrow

  7. I live in Missouri, and my Brussels Sprouts are going strong, too! I'd never grown them before, and no one (even the pkg) didn't say that they're a cold weather veggie (I didn't even THINK to research them, I just wanted to grow'em, lol). I harvest a good sized bowl of them off of just 4 surviving plants at least once a month...YUMMMM!

  8. I live in Missouri, and decided that I wanted to grow Brussels Sprouts, too. I'd never grown them before, and no one, including the seed packet, said that they're actually a cold weather plant..I had no idea. From the hot winter and location that I sowed them, only 4 plants out of 8 survived. I've been harvesting yummy sprouts from them, a good sized bowl, and they taste SOOOOO much better than any other that I've ever had, lol (I Know, it's cuz I grew them, but still...yum)

  9. That is awesome! After complaining for 2 years about my artichoke seedlings that would always keel over by June, I have 2 bushes that just popped up out there! Finally! Sometimes we just need to ignore the garden and let it do its thing LOL!

  10. Wow. Look at that! How nice that you've had a mild winter and can already harvest your veggies. I read recently that if you replant your leek roots, they'll continue to grow.

  11. My first time here on your blog. I live a little further south and have been finding the same thing. Your garden looks wonderful and I have enjoyed your posts. Please come visit at:

  12. Yum, I love what you did with your broccoli, I have tried leeks this past year and so far they are still small but growing. they survived the winter in my cold house. I did pick spinach this week Yah.

    Looking forward to spring next week!


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