Thursday, March 29, 2012

If I Win This....

Just about everyone I know is talking about the Mega Millions record high jackpot. Over a half a billion dollars.... Can you imagine winning this much money?  All I keep thinking about is how I would spend it on my dream garden!!
If I win, I am so buying this house. At $5 million dollars, seems like a steal when you have half a billion burning a hole in your wallet! I originally read about this Chelsea apartment on Brooklyn Roof Garden.  Isn't this the most gorgeous roof top garden you have ever seen?  It's almost hard to believe that this is in Manhattan!
While I'm at it, I also want this Victorian Greenhouse!  A girl can dream right?  These gorgeous greenhouses are made by a UK based company called Hartley Botanic.  Except mine would be quadruple the size.  LOL.  It's fun to think about spending a jackpot on all the gardening things I've always wanted!


  1. That rooftop is amazing. It doesn't even seem real.

    I was actually daydreaming about winning as well...I only got as far as I could quit my job and help out my brother. I've got to work on my imagination a bit.

  2. winning something like that would end my life. I'd have a heart attack

    i ended up setting my blog to private....if you still want to visit email me your email address to


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