Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Pole bean plant is really taking over the stick trellis.

I was out in the garden and noticed that the pole beans have really taken over the homemade trellises. You can barely see the branches anymore. Nice! However, the plants have pretty much stopped producing any more beans. (sigh) We didn't get much of a harvest, we only picked a total of 27 beans. I'm thinking the heat may have been an issue with these plants producing so little. The plants look too pretty to pull up, so I'm going to leave them in for now. I have a few new pole bean plants growing on the other side of the garden. They are about 4 inches tall. I'll have to start some more in pots for the fall harvest.


  1. I am jealous.I love fresh beans! I seem not to have a green thumb when it comes to vegetables- you should see my pathetic tomato plants.

  2. 27 green beans isn't all that bad. Sounds like a tasty addition to dinner!

  3. I've had such a hard time with beans this year... yours looks great!

  4. Hmmmm I dunno what happened :( sorry to hear that. I get a lot of beans but then again I have about 15 plants - so only a few from each but it adds up.


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