Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Aftermath of Hurricane Irene: Part 2

During the Hurricane, I worried about all the trees around our property and in the adjacent woods. I thought for sure that a tree would coming crashing down.  One did, but in the woods and thankfully not on our property.  Here is the gaping hole where a tree used to stand.
Here is the tree that fell. It's not a good photo, but you can see the trunk a bit in the foreground and there is a big limb leaning above that.  These trees are very tall and sit in city owned property.  I am so fortunate that the tree didn't fall onto our property crushing the garden or garage. 
And speaking of Hurricane's... I have a gripe to pick.  I keep hearing talk around the internet and even from friends  about how people, the government and media over reacted about how bad the storm was going to be and that the storm wasn't a big deal when all was said and done.  It's easy to Monday Morning Quarterback, and complain after the fact, but I don't think we should underestimate the power of mother nature.  A Hurricane is unpredictable, and I think it's better to be prepared for the worst.  Seeing all the photos and video footage on TV about all the flooding, property damage, fallen trees, and down power lines is significant and shouldn't be downplayed.  In NY alone, there were 6 deaths attributed to the Hurricane.  There could have been many more if it weren't for the city government's mandatory evacuations, MTA shutdowns, and stern warnings to stay home.  As a wife of a first responder, I see why city officials would close down the MTA and issue evacuations in the flood zone as a preventative measure to protect the citizens and the first responders.  If they didn't shut down the MTA trains, subways and buses, I know there would have been a lot more accidents and injuries since more people would have been out in the storm, putting more lives at risk, especially the first responders.  While everyone is safe at home, first responders are out in the storm risking their lives to help others.  Rescuing people from floods, car accidents, fallen debris, you name it.  While the "complainers" are sitting on the couch eating their potato chips, complaining about the subway not running, my husband and all his colleagues are putting in two 19 hour shifts during the storm responding to 911 calls. They only gave his squad a two hour break for a quick nap and then it was back to work.  So this is what I ask of you the next time you want to complain about the preventative measures of Irene, think about the firemen, policemen, EMTs, and all the first responders who don't get to go home and watch TV and ride out a storm.  They are the ones that work in the storm, saving people like you and me.  So let's give them some respect, and stop complaining about being inconvenienced for 2 days.  Instead, just thank them and your lucky stars that Irene was a mild storm, and that you are SAFE and sound.  End gripe.


  1. I was actually very surprised to hear this attitude, all at the same time we are seeing the tremendous destruction and the numbers of deaths mounting. Probably the same people that would be complaining if it was worse than they were predicting! - My husband was a first responder too, in a rural, volunteer fire department, putting his life on the line for others just as your husband does.

  2. NYC dodged a bullet. It could have been much, much worse. This was "only" a Category 1 hurricane, which weakened as it approached the city. There are still tens of thousands without power in NYC, two days later.

    In upstate NY, Connecticut, Vermont ... noone is calling this a minor inconvenience.

  3. I'm glad it wasn't as bad as predicted.

  4. Good to know you got through the storm ok. It is amazing though, every time we get weather warnings saying don't go out in your car unless it's essential, people still do it! One of my neighbours risked life and limb last winter to go and get diapers, because they didn't check they had some in when the snow warning was given days in advance! He went out in the car, when it would have been much safer to walk, like everyone else was doing. People are crazy.

  5. I am so glad that Irene was not as bad as predicted for a lot of us. However, Irene DID take lives and caused lots of damage for a lot of people. I have read some absolutely ridiculous comments from people about the company that supplies our electricity here in Maine. These workers are working hard to restore electricity and people are complaining that it isn't fast enough. Ugh!

  6. Sadly, the world is full of complainers, most of whom have an absolutely zero role in solutions other than they can complain that the do-ers aren't doing it the way they would. Get off your butts people and DO something!


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