Thursday, August 11, 2011

I (Heart) Snap Peas!

The summer snap peas are still coming in, though it looks like the plants are on its last legs. So I sowed a whole bunch of seeds for a fall harvest. I'm really loving the taste of these snap peas.  The variety I am growing is called Sugar Ann Snap Pea and the seeds I bought from Sustainable Seed Company.  They are on sale right now for $1.99 a packet.  The peas themselves don't actually look like the photo on their website, mine look much more skinnier.  However, the taste is outstanding.  It's perfectly sweet and crunchy.  All summer I only picked a handful at a time, I thought 10 plants would be suffice, but now I know I have to plant like the whole seed packet to get the kind of volume of harvest I'm looking for.  I like to eat these raw as a snack.  Or stir fried.  If you like snap peas, I definitely recommend trying these!


  1. They look great to me! I love snap peas too - wish I had been able to grow them this year!

  2. I always dig them out. One of those things I just can't get past the texture.

  3. They look great - I'm planning to try some fall peas too and was wondering when I should sow. I guess now is a good time!!?

  4. @RedGardenClogs, it's not too late to plant a fall harvest. Mine are in a shady part of the garden and they do pretty well.

    @Jen, yes, start sowing now, you'll be picking peas by end of August!


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