Thursday, August 4, 2011

Eating Locally

This year, for the first time, our lettuce is growing pretty well. Last year I grew green leaf lettuce and a mesculun mix and it was a horrible failure because everything bolted so quickly.  This year, I'm growing buttercrunch lettuce, and I'm really loving how it's pretty heat tolerable.   I've been harvesting the outer leaves to use in sandwiches. My favorite is a BLT, a Bacon, Lettuce and "Toast" sandwich.  It was delicious.  I wish the tomatoes were ripe so I could add it to the sandwich.  Soon, very soon. The bacon in the sandwich is from the hub's parent's farm, Heritage Homestead of Depeyster, NY.  We are down to our last 4 packages of bacon, and this makes me incredibly sad.  It's the best bacon I've ever eaten.  Ever.  I wish I had more time to bake bread.  It would really make this sandwich!  Eating like this makes me realize that you really can eat locally even in an urban environment.  I would love to challenge myself to eat locally for a month, like other bloggers have done... I'm pretty scared to do so, since our garden isn't as productive as other garden bloggers I follow.  Maybe next year, since I'll have 2 years of gardening under my belt.  I'm starting to understand what works and doesn't in our garden, so I think next year will be our most productive.  Something to look forward to.


  1. Every year is a lesson -- actually many lessons!

  2. I do the mesclun mix every year but it gets limp and just isn't that great...I guess I always forget about that and sew the seeds anyway. I might try the lettuce you have on your sandwhich, it looks good and sturdy.

  3. Well, what is good is that we learn a lesson form our past. Next time, we become better even in gardening.

    Cassy from Best Way To Learn Guitar

  4. Every year I find that I learn something new about growing my own - it never ends - a good thing, I think. Homegrown lettuce is still so much superior than supermarket bought.

  5. Yep. Every year we get a little bit smarter. This is why the older generation of gardeners are such treasures. Your bacon and lettuce do look yummy.

  6. I learn something new every year. Tomato sandwiches are a favourite summer food (with or without the bacon). My tomatoes are looking promising, but I think the baby bunny has gotten all my lettuce.


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