Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Tomato Isolation

I am growing a whole lotta tomatoes this year that I plan to save the seeds from. Since the plants are planted right next to each other, many of my fellow garden bloggers recommended that I try to isolate the blooms so that the tomato plants didn't cross pollinate.  I had bought these organza bags and fully intended to wrap each bloom.  Let's just say I was over zealous, because I couldn't keep up with all the blooms!  LOL. 
So I wrapped some of them, but it got overwhelming so I sorta gave up.  D'oh.  I'll try again next year when I don't plant 22 varieties of tomatoes.  What was I thinking???


  1. Can you just do two or three flowers on each plant? You would have to identify which ones are the 'seed savers' but I've seen people do that with hand pollenated squash for seed saving.

  2. In my father tomato farm, he can't do that to every bloom because it's almost a hectare land area. But I can do the same at home as I also have potted tomatoes.

    Nice idea. Thanks for sharing.

    Cassy from Acoustic Guitar Lessons

  3. Should the blossoms get pollinated before covering it up?


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