Friday, August 26, 2011

Picking Tomatoes Before the Storm

This has been quite the interesting week for us.  First we felt the Earthquake that hit Virginia, all the way up here in NYC!  Now we are preparing for a Hurricane.  An Earthquake and a Hurricane all in the same week?  Talk about an eventful week!  Watching the news about Hurricane Irene barreling it's way up the East Coast is very scary.  Tomorrow I'll be going out to the garden and put all the lawn furniture and garden pots in the garage for safe keeping.  We haven't had a Hurricane like this hit these parts in some time, so I'm beginning to worry.  In anticipation of the Hurricane coming our way, I went out to the garden and picked some Heirloom tomatoes.  My favorite is Tiny Tim.  I see now how it got it's name.  It's as small as a dime!  Cute.
I was watching the news today and saw that I live in Zone A, a flooding and evacuation zone of the NYC area.  Mayor Bloomberg said he would announce on Saturday morning whether he will give the order for a mandatory evacuation for residents that live in the orange areas of the map below.  That big orange blob in Staten Island, that's where we live.  Crap.  Double crap!  Tomorrow, I have to go into the basement and move all the boxes to the 1st floor just in case it floods like it did 2 years ago when we got 24 hours of non-stop rain.  I'm thinking about all those people who live on the East Coast, hoping and praying that everyone stays safe and sound.
Update: I found this interactive map on and it tracks the storm.  It's a good tool to use to see where the storm is heading.


  1. Stay safe Meems. I don't care if you lose your tomatoes, I just don't want to lose Meems!

  2. Dear Lord, this is not good. I'm hoping that Irene will veer sharply right and head out to sea. Your tomatoes look wonderful. Please keep us posted.

  3. Please stay safe, I'd help you move your boxes if I were closer! xo

  4. Hope for the best, but be prepared for the worst. That is all we can do. Stay safe.

  5. A lot of people didn't heed the warnings about Katrina. I'm thinking it's better to be safe than sorry.

    Good luck.

  6. Hi Mimi, yes, I'm right there with you in the "worried" department over here in Brooklyn. I'm usually of the camp that thinks it probably won't be as bad as they say, but this time I'm nervous and just want to keep us, the house, the trees and garden, and the outdoor feral cats that we take care of safe! Good call picking those's hoping we don't lose all of our plants! Keep me posted!

  7. I'll be looking at that interactive map again. It's the most informative thing I've seen so far on the hurricane. I hope it weakens and/or heads back to the ocean.

    Your tomatoes look good. How did you get the names and arrows pointing to them? I wish I could come help you move the things in your basement. I'll pray instead.


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