Friday, August 12, 2011

Back in the Old Neighborhood

On Wednesday, I went back to my old neighborhood to visit my good friend.  I noticed that all of the tree pits on her block that were so nicely planted.  She told me that a woman who owns a house on the street plants all the tree pits on the block every single year.  With her own money!  Totally amazing!  I just loved the mixture of plants that she combined.
On this day in the neighborhood there was a free movie in the park.  What's great about summer in the city is that they have lots of free activities.  Check out the crowd that showed up to watch Jurassic Park in McCarren Park.  It was a sea of people.  I think it's amazing all these people came out to see a movie that was released in 1993!  While I was watching the movie, I joined in on Seedchat on Twitter using my Droid Phone.  It's a fun chat online amongst gardeners usually around the topic of seeds and gardening.  It's every Wednesday at 9:00pm EST.  Use the hashtag #seedchat to join in the chat.


  1. I have tried to join in on those twitter chats and I just can't get the hang of it ;)

    Pick your soy beans when the outter edges start to get a brown tinge to them, You don't want them to go too long or your pods will dry up.

  2. I think the people were enjoying being out and the experience of it all!


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