Tuesday, September 7, 2010


I've been seeing some interesting looking mushrooms growing near our garden. It's funny, they seem to grow like overnight. Is that possible? This one white button mushroom was in the path of where I drag my garden hose. So I would have seen it growing. However, it seemed that literally it just popped up out of no where. And it's no small mushroom. This thing is enormous. I put my garden trowel next to it so you can see the size in comparison.

I plucked it out of the ground, because I have my extended family's children who visit frequently, the last thing I want is for one of the kids to think it's edible. Speaking of, I love love love eating mushrooms and everytime I see a nice mushroom, I always think, wow, I wish I could eat it. I don't dare because I don't know the difference between an edible and a poisonous mushroom. Doesn't it look beautiful though?

This mushroom was growing behind our picket fence behind the garden. It looks similar to a portabello I thought. It was brown and really flat.

My sister sent me this photo. Its a giant mushroom! She was visiting our niece and our brother-in-laws' parents and they had this ginormous mushroom growing in their front yard in Connecticut. Check out my niece's blue clog and her grandpa's loafer next to the mushroom. This will give you an idea of how big this 'shroom is. I googled "giant mushroom" and I couldn't find the name of this fungus. Does anyone know what type of mushroom it is? It's really funky, I wonder if it's edible.


  1. The first mushroom certainly looks good enough to eat. But you're smart not to try it. I had a botany professor way back when, an eminent scholar on fungi, and he said he wouldn't go mushroom picking. Guess he knew too much about how bad some of them can be for us!

  2. Very cool mushrooms! I've always wanted to go mushroom hunting. In fact, I considering joining a club next year.

    Have no clue what these mushrooms are but the last one is HUGE!

  3. That first one is a parasol mushroom, some of them are really good eating and others deadly poisonous...I can't ever tell the good ones from the bad so I always take a pass on that variety. And yes, some mushrooms do literally grow up overnight..pretty amazing isn't it.

  4. I love to go mushroom hunting in the fall - usually for chantarelles. But not sure what kinds you have there - pretty though!

  5. meems that 'shroom is truly a ginormous ? monster!
    .. and you are so right about them just popping up so quickly like that .. I have wee ones and middle sized ones every once in a while .. especially if we have rain and warm temps .. they love that I guess .. I also love mushrooms but could never trust my judgement .. I know NOTHING other than the grocery store ! LOL
    Great pictures girl .. I'll be shaking my head over that HUGE one for a long time !

  6. I have never seen a mushroom that big. That's crazy.

  7. wow. That giant mushroom thing is gross.

    Those mushrooms that grew in your yard look so perfect!

  8. I bought 2 mushroom books and still can't tell the difference....

    too scared to try any of them anyway


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