Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Followup to this morning's pancakes

This morning, I wrote about how my husband surprised me with pancakes. I just went into my kitchen. Guess what's still on the stove? Check out the time on the oven clock.  That's P.M. At least he did not leave the burner on this time!  He's lucky he's cute and can get away with this.
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  1. Did you really expect him to cook and clean up??? LOL

  2. Oh my! Just today, a friend and I were discussing our husbands/partners...her husband likes to announce that he's cleaned the bathroom, but doesn't consider cleaning the tub/shower part of cleaning. LOL! What can you say to that?

  3. Nice pancake.. almost round.., he is really cute!

  4. rofl OMG, Mimi, that's something that my kids and husband would do to me, lol...you want to strangle'em, but they're such great tax write offs, lol

  5. 12 years and I still haven't gotten mine trained to clean up

    but at least he does luv to cook and so I don't mind cleaning up after a good meal

  6. OMG I have actually done that once. Between the other half, the half-pint, and the kittens, combine that with packing. My mind is blown and I am surprised I get anything done. LOL


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