Saturday, February 26, 2011

My Love of Peonies

When we were at Home Depot buying orchids, I saw they were already selling bareroot peonies. I already have 3 peonies in the garden.  Last year for our anniversary, Grammie gave us 2 bareroot peonies from White Flower Farm, I can't wait to see these grow!  They have the best quality plants.   I LOVE peonies so, I had to look at the ones they were selling.  It's a sickness, I know!  This package has 4 bareroots for $9.98! I thought it was such a great deal. I bought a bareroot peony last year from Walmart, and it did really well in the garden. However, I think I paid $6 for 1 bareroot, and they were packaged from the same company. Isn't it interesting how different prices are for the same product at different stores?

I temporarily put these 4 bareroots in container pots because the ground is frozen right now and nothing can be planting outdoors.  When it warms up in the spring, I'll have to find a place to plant them in the garden. I'm wondering, has anyone ever grown peonies in container pots?
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  1. I really love peonies too but don't have any. Can't wait to see photos of yours!

  2. When I first started gardening, I bought lots of bare-root peonies from the big box stores. They all did really well, flowered faithfully every year, got nice and big. That looks like a nice big healthy root.

    I almost bought a tree peony yesterday at the Northwest Flower and Garden show, but I wasn't absolutely positively in love with what they had.

  3. I love them too. Our place had 7 or8 of them planted when we got here - white, pink and red ones. My parents had some that were at least 50 years old and just kept getting bigger each year.

  4. I love peonies too, and Yes, I've grown peonies in container pots before. Here's how it went. When I had to move from an old 1873 Victorian home, I wanted to take some w/me (there was a long hedge of peonies on the property line). I was warned that they do not transplant well. I took some anyway, w/hope. I was going to be in a rental for a few yrs and had no where to plant them, so I planted them in one of those huge plastic flower pots you can get at Walmart for like $25. They grew, yr after yr, but did not product flowers. They were beautiful at the old house, and even tho they didn't produce flowers in the pot, the greenery was healthy and flourished, so I left them be. I was told that even tho the pot was alot larger than the few roots I put in it, somehow they know they're contained, and it just wasn't the best for flowering conditions. When we moved to this house over 7 yrs ago, I finally had a spot to plant them. For 6 yrs they grew the same way they did in the pot, then last yr, for the first time in 10 years, those peonies flowered, they came out in all of their glory with 6" gorgeous flower heads. I think they finally realize they're in the ground and at home now, lol.


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