Saturday, February 19, 2011

Valentine's Day Gift

Since I worked at a floral shop during Valentine's day, I normally tell the hubs not to get me any "flowers" for Valentine's day.  In fact, no gifts are really necessary, but knowing my husband, he always gets something.  I came home exhausted, and he surprised me with this!
Hooray!!  A shepherd's hook!  I've been wanting one to hang my bird feeders on!  Here's a closer look. You can't tell in the photo but the suet on the right is almost completely eaten.  I found it on the ground the other day, I think the squirrels got at it.  Dang squirrels! The bird feeder on the left is the one the hubs got me 2 years ago, but I never used because our landlord at the time forbade us to put out birdseed since the birds were pooping all over the deck... Ooops.  This bird feeder is pretty neat.  It's called Squirrel Be Gone. How it works is that if a squirrel jumps on the feeder to get at the seed, the weight of the squirrel is too heavy and closes the door or opening and so the squirrel cannot get to the seed.  Hahahaha! Check it out on my Amazon Store.  Perky Pet 336 Squirrel-Be-Gone Feeder


  1. good luck with the pesky squirrels! and what a lovely vday gift! i always love getting things for the garden!

  2. That is a very nice gift! wish I had some birds here too

  3. What a sweet Hubby! We feed the birds and squirrels too. I know the squirrels can be hogs and that feeder is a great invention if you don't want them taking all of the food.

    Have a great weekend.

  4. Very nice gift, one I would appreciate over candy and floral shop flowers any day.

  5. Ha ha that's a great way to get rid of the squirrels. It's a great idea to have a shepherds hook too. W hat a great guy your husband is!

  6. So nice to find your blog! I am looking forward to your posts and tweets!

  7. How cool that you were able to get the shepherd's hook into the ground! That was an awesome gift! I have a feeder like that, too. I like my suet feeder that keeps the squirrels out. I need to get more suet into it.


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