Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Smells Like Spring, Such a Tease!

When I was working at the floral shop, I was in love with the spring flowers they had, especially these blue hyacinths.  I bought 3 of them to bring home.  I love the scent of hyacinths, it's so floral and fresh, it totally makes me think of spring.  If only the internet had a scratch and sniff!  I planted 5 hyacinth bulbs in the garden, I can't wait until they sprout.
Speaking of gorgeous flowers, I bought these hot pink roses for my sister's birthday.  The rose scent was amazing!  Oooh, I can't wait until spring is really here!


  1. I'm ready for the Spring blooms.

    You sister should luv those flowers.

  2. Gorgeous flowers!

    I am ready too; I love Lilacs and Tulips!

  3. I didn't know you'd worked in a flower shop. My 29 year old daughter is a floral designer at a local grocery store that has a very nice department, except for the space allotted for arranging. They sometimes go to the location where they get their flowers or else go to another part of the store. She just got in a bunch of overtime, like she always does before Valentine's Day. She loves it, which is good.

    I am with you, really longing for spring to get here.

  4. They are really pretty! I love how long the stems are.

  5. Spring is coming and hopfully the worst of winter is behind us...can't wait to see your flowers sprout and bloom.


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