Monday, September 26, 2011

Compost Pile

My compost pile in the DIY bin that we made out of wooden pallets is definitely pretty full.  It's mostly a big pile of brown leaves.  I also throw in there dead plants from the vegetable garden.  I love composting.  It's like this fun game, I throw as much organic material as the space can handle and then "ta da" like magic, watch it transform into beautiful black rich compost.
One of my favorite tasks in the garden is turning the compost.  I just love seeing what stage the compost is in.  (LOL, I need a life.)  I just turned the compost recently and I can already see some black gold hidden in the middle and on the bottom.  Oooh, I can't wait until the entire pile turns into usable compost.  Hopefully by the spring, I'll be able to use it in the raised beds.  It would be great if I didn't have to buy any compost from the hardware store!  That is the goal at least.


  1. What ever makes you happy is what I say!

  2. I enjoyed your post. I posted about my compost pile 2 posts ago. I need to find something to replace part of my enclosure. I wonder if we could get some pallets to put there. It needs to be something that won't cause the neighbor's fence to buckle on the bottom.

    I love composting, too, but didn't get mine turned this year because of planting sweet potatoes in one of the sections, and the other 2 were too full. I have been able to get some that's finished put around, though, so I'm pleased about that.


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