Monday, September 5, 2011

A Mint Comeback

When I started growing mint, everyone warned me that it is super invasive.  Having never grown mint before, I followed everyone's advice and put the plants in pots instead of in the ground.  This plant was from last summer, I stuck it in a big pot and let it overwinter on the enclosed sun porch.  During the winter, it dropped most of it's leaves and pretty much look dead.
When spring hit, it looked like this.  I trimmed all the dead stems and remaining leaves off.  I wasn't really sure if the mint plant was even still alive.  I thought that the mint plant might have died.  It looked pretty sad.  The only glimmer of hope was that I saw a few tiny leaves emerging from the soil.
I continued to water the pot everyday, and by August, it was looking like this!!  The plant totally came back to life.  Gosh, you really can't kill mint. Wuhahahahaha


  1. Mint plants are CRAZY growers! Nothing kills them. I guess it's a good thing you didn't plant it in the ground eh? Haha. Hooray for your mint plant!

  2. A very healthy plant! I don't know if you even need to water it that much. Mine grows by the alley and I never water it. And, it was dry this summer. Enjoy the mint. I love having some in the garden.

  3. Mint is very speadable! The only thing about it is we use it so much in tea that it stays in check. It also nearly dies back in the summer here due to lack of rain and the heat.

  4. I have it growing wild all over my property now. It's everywhere in the wild fields. Good to hear it will survive winter in a pot! My winter is not much different than your's. I have been wanting to put some in a raised bed for easier access.

    Ditto for the chocolate mint that is spreading like the blob from outer space! People told me it wouldn't be as invasive as regular mint! Ha!

  5. We have our mint in a a container, too. It made a slow comeback this year, but it has since exploded over the sides! I'm super glad it's contained because, while I love it, I wouldn't want it everywhere!

  6. Wow!! sounds like it received some TLC!

  7. Yes, that's how it works! Isn't it cool? Some years, with some kinds of mint, you can still see that the plant is alive.


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