Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Homemade Canned Heirloom Tomato Salsa

I've been picking the heirloom tomatoes every week now, and I finally had enough ripe ones to make some salsa!!  I got the recipe for making homemade heirloom tomato salsa from Robin over at The Gardener of Eden. Her recipe is very good, I tend to like my salsa on the sweeter side, so I also added a tablespoon of sugar.  In the salsa, I used homegrown jalapeno peppers, (seeds given to me by Daphne Dandelions) homegrown garlic, and homegrown Paul Robeson, Yellow Pear and Rutgers tomatoes.  I bought a yellow bell pepper and some cilantro to add to the mix since none were ready to harvest.  I just love the colors!
The salsa was canned and will be brought to a Brooklyn swapper event that I am attending this Thursday.  The swapper event will be pretty fun.  It's an event where foodies bring homemade goodies to swap with other homemade goodies.  Some items include jams, chutneys, syrups, pickles, candies, you name it!  I can't wait to see what is available to trade! 


  1. I am so happy that you like the recipe for the salsa! I don't add cilantro since I really don't like it. I hope you have a good time at the swapper event and get some good goodies!

  2. Mmm, salsa. That looks fabulous!
    Stop by my blog- I've got an award for you.

  3. Your salsa looks delish! And how fun to have a swapper event to share with others!
    You are so lucky to have such a bountiful crop. My tomatoes are just now ripening, with summer arriving in the Seattle area. Finally.

  4. Yum, thsnk you so much for sharing. The swapper event sounds like fun.

  5. That does sound like fun. Your salsa will be a great thing to take.

  6. Wish I could have been there to get a jar or four for myself...:)


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