Thursday, September 15, 2011

Real Funky Carrots

I tried growing carrots again this year.  This is a crop that is so hard to grow correctly for some reason!  Even though the soil was tilled and I sowed the seeds in raised beds, I guess the soil was still a bit too compacted because again, the carrots grew all stumpy despite being in the ground since the end of April.  Do you grow carrots?  If so, what is your secret?
Not only are they stumpy, they grew like fingers.  LOL.  What the heck is this?
And this one is giving a peace sign.  Hahaha.  One day... I'll grow a normal looking carrot!  I hope. :)


  1. Wow those are funky! Try adding some sand to the soil loosen it up a little better. More organic matter isn't a bad idea either.

  2. Mine grow just like that too! I might dig in some sand this year.


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