Friday, September 2, 2011

Yummy Lunch

I've been growing Utah Celery, seeds from Food Garden Kitchen, and I absolutely love it. It had a slow start at first, and now, it's near the point of harvesting, so I've been clipping stalks here and there as needed to cook with but leaving the plant in place to continue growing. Aren't these just amazing? And I must say, nothing beats picking fresh celery, it's so crisp and tasty!
With the Persimmon tomato I harvested, I made a tuna fish sandwich with the celery and tomato slices.  Oh my word, was it ever delicious!!  Using fresh veggies from the garden makes any sandwich a thousand times better! 


  1. I love having fresh celery too. My plants did amazingly well. Funny thing is during the summer I don't use celery very much. I froze some for winter soups and stews. What do you do with all the leaves? I hate to waste them so I dry them.

  2. That does look yummy!

    Out all next week. Catch up soon.

    Happy holiday.

  3. Your celery looks nice and healthy. I've only been growing celery for the past couple of years. I was surprised by how much flavor freshly harvested celery has. The celery purchased at the supermarket is almost tasteless.

  4. Using fresh veggies from the garden makes any meal a thousand times better. I should try this celery.

  5. I'm glad the celery finally produced for you!

    We use the leaves in things like tuna or chicken salad when the leaves are fresh but we also freeze the leaves and use them in homemade stocks. We just throw them into the stock pot frozen with some browned onions and the base of the stock (usually a chicken carcass or two); although we make other stocks as well.

  6. I LOVE celery. We were thinking about staying at a celery farm in the Amish country last year actually...

    The celery looks great!

  7. I have to agree that fresh veggies from the garden take a sandwich to all new levels. My tomatoes this year have been amazing and I keep making pesto chicken, just so I can make sandwiches.

    I love the idea of fresh celery.


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