Saturday, July 31, 2010

Seeds swap package!

Usually the mail does not excite me, because there's always bills in the box. However yesterday, I saw a bubble wrap envelope in the mailbox and was thrilled to see that my seed swap with Food Garden Kitchen has arrived! Anyone interested in a seed swap should check out their blog, they have a lot of seeds!!

Since today was a perfect day, 81F, I decided to spend the afternoon in the garden planting the seeds for a fall harvest. I planted the carrots and greek basil seeds that we got from the swap. I can't wait until they start germinating. I planted snow peas the other day, and they have already germinated and little seedlings are forming. Sa-weet!


  1. How cool! I will definitely have to check out the seed swap!

  2. It is always exciting (and fun!) to swap and share seeds with other bloggers. I have several items growing in my garden this season that were planted from seeds shared by several friends. They in turn have a piece of my garden growing in theirs as well.

  3. I also recently sowed some peas--they come up quickly, don't they? And they're so cute! I'll post the official sign up for my seed swap in early January. I might even create a form, ooh aah.

  4. How exciting!! Yes, love seed swaps. I did my first seed swap last year and it was a success. Wasn't able to plant everything yet. Now I can pass on stuff to others. I have only swapped flower seeds not veggies. Not that advanced. LMK
    Thanks for the seed site.

  5. I love this idea, I too will check this out.

  6. I am continuing to enjoy your goings on. Many seeds will still be good to plant next year. Beans, peas, and beets normally germinate well their second year. Beans and peas will their third year.


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