Saturday, July 24, 2010

Grapevines: before and after

This is what the grapevines looked like when we planted them. The first photo, you can barely see it, but it was literally a twig.

Here is a closeup of the grapevine. We ordered our grape plants from Gurney's and when it came in the mail, it was just a stick with roots. We planted it and hoped for the best.

Here is the grapevine today, 5 months later! Soon after we planted the vines, it immediately started sprouting leaves. Then every passing week, it got bigger and bigger. When we planted these, the hubby put cemented these wooden posts in the ground and screwed galvanized wire to them for the vines to grow on. We've been training the vines to follow the wire. I can't wait until next year to see if the plants produce any fruit!!


  1. It looks promising!

    To go from 'that' to 'THAT'!

  2. I ditto Khyra, looks very promising. We had a grape vine on the fence once and it was going great until it decided to swallow the whole front yard. I still miss it.

  3. Wow, that grapevine is growing really well. It will be interesting to watch it grow and produce from fruit.

  4. Hey that is cool! I'm thinking I might get a grape vine too.

  5. Wow they really took off quickly. :)

  6. I'm not sure how long it takes for grapes. The muscadines I bought didn't take but a couple of years to start making.

  7. That's so cool you've got a grapevine growing. I would love to have something like that - the scent of a fruiting/blossoming grapevine is unbeatable.


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