Friday, July 16, 2010

Feeling Cheated

We bought this bag of composted manure from Home Depot, and noticed that the bag contained a lot of little rocks. I guess that is normal. But look at the rock I found in the bag! I put my gardening glove next to the rock so you can see the scale of it. What the heck? I have enough rocks in my garden already!


  1. Oh, that's bad, especially since it's probably sold by volume (or worse, weight!). Rip off! If that happened to my hubby, he'd return it for sure (he gets a little, let's say, indignant when he feels he's getting ripped off).

    You know, actually, I'd return it too - compost is supposed to be screened. There shouldn't be any rocks in there - let alone massive ones like the one you found.

  2. Yep they jipped you alright, that stinks. :(

  3. Wow, that's unbelievable. I gotten burnt wood but never rocks. I would look on the bag for the people that packaged it and just write them an email or send them the picture and let them know what your getting in their products.
    You don't need more rocks in your garden. :)

  4. I found a rock in my compost bag today and remembered seeing your post in my Google Reader. I had to come and comment, just to tell you that you're not alone. I know, it doesn't make it any better. Hopefully we met our rock-in-compost quota for this year!

  5. I wonder what brand you bought? Last summer I bought several bags of Earth gro and they were just full of rocks. I was pretty upset since I had just cleaned out a new planting bed. That is a really big rock.

  6. That's a big rock. Poor quality management.....


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