Friday, September 17, 2010

The Aftermath of the Tornado

My friend Reza took some amazing shots of the aftermath of the tornado that ripped through the city.  He lives in Queens and this was taken in Flushing.  Check out the tree and the completely knocked down light post! When I saw this photo, I was totally speechless!  The wind just knocked these over like they were twigs.  Wow!  It's scary how powerful mother nature can be! 
Also, here is the rest of his photo album.  It's a must see.

UPDATE: After experiencing this tornado, I decided that we have to get an emergency kit ready because you just never know.  There are parts of the city that is without electric and running water.  Garden Now, Think Later has some great tips on disaster prep.  I'm going to follow her advice!
Copyright Reza Pootrakul


  1. The woman killed by the tree was from the Harrisburg area - that sad news was on our television stations today -

    Thanks for sharing the pics...

  2. Be safe friend - and it is always good to have an emergency box just in case.

  3. Who knew a storm like that could happen here in NYC? I'm lucky that it didn't hit too hard in Manhattan - my tomato plants are still standing!

  4. It is hard to imagine how that tornado affected your areas meems ! Who would have thought that could happen ? .. we take things for granted here too while just hours away from us in southern Ontario they have had touch downs and a lot of destruction .. we all have to think outside the box and be prepared is RIGHT !

  5. Stunning photos. I did not hear about the tornado in NYC here in Niagara Falls. What a shock and the damage was quite bad. I guess you never know, because it can happen anywhere.

  6. really scary...I hadn't heard about this!

  7. I thought about you when I heard there had been a tornado.


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