Tuesday, September 14, 2010

More From New Paltz

Next to the fairgrounds in New Paltz was this farm growing corn and sunflowers! This photo just doesn't do it justice. It was hundreds, probably thousands of mammoth sunflowers. WOW!

The site was amazing it really made me smile. My husband and I pulled the car over into a dirt road so that we could take in the beauty and take some photos. There were a lot people doing the same thing as us. A bunch of cars pulled over just to take photos too. It's amazingly beautiful.

I really wanted to buy some flowers, but we saw no one on this farm. It was a Sunday, so they probably had the day off. It looked like many of the sunflowers were going to seed, so its likely they are grown for seed and not really for the flower itself.

Mammoth doesn't even describe the gargantuan size of these beauties. These easily were 7 or 8 feet tall!

I just loved the farm equipment on the property too. It was so neat! I love Fall in upstate New York!!


  1. I bet that was an awesome feeling being among all of those sunflowers.

  2. I have relatives in a very small town in North Dakota. It is where my Great x 3 grandfather immigrated to and from there on, lived and raised their families. The farmers in that area grow sunflowers all around the town. The roads are narrow and remote going into the town, a rural community if I ever saw one. So if you drive in the area and into town during the right time of year you will be surrounded with fields and fields of sunflowers. It's quite awesome.

  3. Oh my goodness---those are almost breathtaking! I love sunflowers too. We see fields of them here in Texas sometimes, but the heat and drought this year made the ones we saw look really sad.

  4. So pretty - I saw a field like that in Pennsylvania once. We'll have to plant the Mammoths in our school garden next year. I don't know what we planted this year, but they were all done blooming by the time the kids started school!

    You asked about how loud chickens are - the hens aren't very loud at all. They just make sweet little clucking noises that you can only hear close up. Roosters are another story though! Some towns don't even allow them because they wake up the neighbors. There are some really pretty Bantam breeds - they'd be fun, I bet.

  5. That's cool. I luv them, but never get them to grow that big.


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