Monday, September 13, 2010

Taste of New Paltz

I didn't blog all weekend because we took a break from the city and headed upstate to meet up with Grammie (grandma) for the Taste of New Paltz. Every year, the Chamber of Commerce in New Paltz organizes a food festival where local food merchants, wineries and farms set up booths to sell "tastes" or bites of delicious food from their establishments.

Each vendor had a tent, where they sold little plates of food for $2 - $3 each. We like to take this opportunity to try things we wouldn't normally make at home. This was one of our favorite vendors of the day. Carribean food. Delicious! It was a popular tent, lots of people waiting on lines. We ordered the curry oxtail over seasoned rice and a beef patty. Spicy and so good!

At the fair were two buildings, one with antiques, and one building with local businesses giving away goodie bags. We likey goodie bags!

We liked the antiques but everything was so expensive. I couldn't afford anything in there. But nice to look at and get ideas from.

They had nice decoration too. Hardy mums and decorative cabbage. Love this fall look!

We spent the entire weekend in upstate NY. More photos to come!


  1. Thanks for sharing!

    The food possibilities have me drooling now!

  2. How nice to be able to enjoy touristy things for a weekend! I too, am always shocked by the prices at some of the antique places, but it's nice to look anyways!

  3. Those food fairs are so much fun, Yum !
    About the chicken question you asked me..Well they do make some sounds, mostly when they are laying an egg or something is around to frighten them, otherwise they are not very loud.
    Backyard chickens are becoming more and more popular all across the country and I encourage you to visit a feedstore in your area for starters and see what they have to say about others that are doing it. Please feel free to email me anytime. littlehouseinparadise@gmail .com

  4. Meems, so glad you received the seeds. I was so slow in getting those to you. The post office tends to close before I decide to leave work. The festival looks like a great time. I love the food festivals for the same reason as you, getting to try something I usually do not make at home or cannot purchase around my hometown.

  5. I got a jar of wonderful jam in New Paltz last year, autumn olive - it's a local fruit that I'd never heard of. I love the area. Never heard about the festival. Will have to put it on my calendar for next year. Thanks for sharing!

  6. I found some wonderful autumn olive jam in New Paltz last year (it's a local fruit I'd never heard of. Also never heard of this festival, but I'll put it on my calendar for next year...Thanks for sharing

  7. Our blueberry bushes (dry twigs now) were in big pots. They died when the first 90 degree days began in June I guess. Just burned right up. It was very sad...

  8. That sounds like a lot of fun. Especially the food tasting.


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