Tuesday, September 21, 2010

More from Liberty Sunset Garden Center

I must say, I'm so bummed that I don't live in Brooklyn anymore, because I am so in love with this garden center.  Maybe it's a good thing, because I'd be here every week bringing home plants!  If only Staten Island had a garden center like this one! This is one of the larger greenhouses on the premises. It housed tall trees.
I loved the leaves on this plant. I can't remember the name of it, but it was stunning.

I also saw that they had a wooden sub-irrigated planter. I've been wanting to make my own SIP, but this year we had too many projects. We added it to our list for next year's projects. It looked like they made this one, and I checked it out to make a mental note of how we should do ours. 
The also had a water feature that I really like. It was a giant urn / vase with water lilies in it.  I would love to do something like this, and have fish in it. 
We spotted sedum plants, and noticed so many bumble bees and butterflies attracted to it. We have sedum in our garden, but they don't attract anything! Can you see the bees in this photo?
We also saw a Buckeye butterfly! I rarely see these beauties, so this was a treat.
I was in love with this tree hydrangea. It was gorgeous! However, we are trying not to plant any more trees on the property. At least for now.
I loved the pergolas in the garden center. It was so pretty. I told the hubs, we have to build one. (hee hee) Another project to add to the list!


  1. I get into trouble visiting garden centers. I always leave with too many ideas and too many things on my wish list. regardless they are always great to go to.

  2. The big leaf plant at the top, we call elephant ears.

    Those look like water lettuce in the urn.

    Gardeners always have a large list of things to do!

  3. Looks like a great garden center. Lot's of great ideas. I've always wanted a pergola in the back...with grape vines climbing all over it.


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