Thursday, September 16, 2010

I Got a Plant!

In my last post, I showed how Grammie's neighbors at the retirement community had their own raised beds.  One of her friends were growing Coleus and Grammie had a cutting that she had in a vase of water to form roots.  I really loved it, and she gave it to me to take home.  I felt bad taking her cutting, but she said she was going to get another one from her friend's plant and wanted me to give this one a good home.  How cool is this plant??  It has gorgeous reddish leaves.
Check out the roots!!  I did a search for Coleus and found out that they come in different varigated shades of red, orange, yellow, green.  So many varieties! 
I asked Grammie if I could plant these outside like her friend had done and she said that our climate is too cold for them and that they would die off in the winter. So she said... yes... but they would be an annual. She recommended that I plant them in a pot and keep it indoors for the winter and bring it outdoors for the spring / summer. I really wish they were as hardy as hostas. They remind me of hostas, but more fragile. Okay, in a pot it goes!


  1. There are oodles of varieties of coleus, and they are so easy to take cuttings, you'll have fun with them!

  2. I agree with Erin, you will have fun with these. When I was in high school, my great auntie Ida would always bring me little starts that she made from cuttings of her plants that she brought in for winter. She would say "now ducky, (she was from England) you will need to pinch these back when they get taller and put that in water and you will have more plants". So, on and on they go....Have fun.

  3. Oh goodness that is beautiful. I eventually have to do something with my yard other than let the creeping charlie take over. This will surely be an addition.

  4. Very nice coleus. Good job.

  5. Hi Meemsync, I love coleus. This one is rooted nicely and should really take off. All the better that it came from someone special.


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