Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Even More fron New Paltz

Grammie lives in a beautiful retirement community and I was so impressed by the green thumbs of the residents. On the grounds, the facilities built these raised beds and residents can have their own "bed" to grow whatever they want. Cool right?? This photo just really doesn't do it justice! I was so impressed with their gardening skills. Check out the coleus on the right. Grammie gave me a cutting of the coleus that she had in a vase of water. (pictures to come in another post) If you bigify this photo, you'll see that they have annuals mixed in with basil and what I think is a cucumber plant in the back. I love the look of flowers with veggies! The bed looks a bit spent now, but I bet it was gorgeous in mid-summer.

Some residents are growing flowers and plants while others were growing vegetables. Check out this tomato! It's easily a 1 pounder! I have to get some tips from these garden experts!

I also spied Red bell peppers! Wow! Our bells are taking forever to turn red, and these beauties are growing 2 hours North of us. They look awesome!

I just loved the sunflowers growing in this raised bed.


  1. I think that's great that everyone gets a bed. Goes to show one never gets to old to garden.

  2. I think it is awesome that they give the residents a bit of space to garden in. Ditto what Char said above.

  3. what a wonderful idea! Must feel nice for the residents to have a little spot of dirt that is all their own.

  4. Being in that community garden must be a great retreat for the residents and there must be a strong community bond there as they nuture those beds. Its so nice that everyone has their own little plot too.


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