Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Raspberry Crop

One of the crops that is grown on the family farm are Raspberries. I spent a few hours picking some ripe raspberries for our own consumption and they were sweet and delicious!
This particular plant was a beauty. I wish my raspberry plant could take off like this one.
Since the farm is organic, (only natural organic pesticides are used on crops) they are constantly fighting these little suckers! As I was picking raspberries, I saw this grasshopper. Apparently, they are a major pest with eating plants. I tried to catch this one, but it hopped away.
Check out these raspberries. Too bad they were not ripe yet!
Here is one of the rows of raspberry bushes. This is just one of many rows. Hmm, maybe I should make raspberry bushes my new hedges!


  1. I just put on my list to buy raspberry plants. We had some before, but kept moving them. I think I moved them to death.

    I have a place for them now and can leave them alone.....

  2. We are planning on adding raspberries to our farm next year.

    Great blog.


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