Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Carnage Continues

I went out to water the plants yesterday and as I got closer to the coconut hanging basket, I noticed a tomato was in the basket. What the....? That's my confirmation that it's one of those dang pesky squirrels because next to the half eaten tomato were 2 half eaten acorns! I love how the squirrel is blazon enough to use my hanging basket of flowers as its own private dining room. Argh!!!

This is the third day in a row that we've found half eaten veggies all over the garden. I wonder if it's the same squirrel that is causing all this damage. Squirrel, you better hope I don't see you in action... (fists in the air)


  1. What a destructive critter you got there in the garden! I'm so sorry to see the carnage. From a pest as mobile as a squirrel, I don't know how you can protect your vegetables!

    By the way, I like your hanging basket of flowers. I wish I could have a few of them myself, but we don't have any suitable place to hang the baskets from. What kind of flowers do you have growing in there? I see blue and red, but I'm just bad with flower names/varieties.

  2. Maybe a puppy is in your near future. Mine chases the squirrels. Of course, you have to make sure the dog doesn't do more damage than the squirrels. LOL

  3. Hi, I saw your comment over at thyme2garden and thought I would come say hi. We have always had squirrels and tomatoes but they never, ever have bothered them, hmm?
    I see in your profile that you are looking to excange seeds with others from NY. Do you know the blog 66 square feet? And her cat Estorbo? If you don't you need to, she does rooftop gardening....Now you have me thinking about the squirrel thing.
    Have a nice evening.

  4. oooh, that's so frustrating! I hate finding this kind of stuff too. The nerve - not only stealing, but enjoying in your flowers, and then leaving it's leftovers for you to bus!

  5. I always thought squirrels in the garden might be nice, but I've now changed my mind. Thanks for your comment on my Raspberry post. Your berries are summer bearing, different from mine. Maybe google to find out what to do.

  6. haha, you have to admit, that's a clever little squirrel, I like rooftop dining as well :)

  7. Ugh! Worse than worms. I think marigolds and other flowers keep some critters out of the garden, maybe for next year...

  8. I never knew squirrels were stealing veggies to eat, I thought they just did it to annoy the gardener. This is the third post I have read on the squirrels eating the produce. Learn something new everyday.

  9. Ugh! Squirrels are nothing more than fluffy tailed rats! Sorry to hear about this. I think Char is on to something.... a puppy, or a big Maine Con cat to chase the buggers off.


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