Monday, September 27, 2010

Road Trip to the Family Farm

I've been absent with blogging this week, because we took a road trip up North to the hubs parents' family farm.  They live 7 hours north of us in upstate New York.  It's so far north that it is closer to Ottawa, Canada than New York City.  They call this area the North Country.  It's very rural and scenic with a lot of farms and barns and livestock.  I love looking out the window and taking pictures. 
I'm sorry these photos are blurry. My camera doesn't do well with motion. Many of the barns are old, I thought this one looked really neat.
Cows!  Whenever I saw cows grazing, I got super excited.  They are so cute, I just want to pet one!
Here's even more cows!
After 7 hours of driving, we finally pulled up to the family farm. This is the pole barn that the hubs' father built by himself. Isn't it lovely?  And the horses, Grace on the left, and Jill on the right.  I love seeing the horses, they are so sweet.
There were some massive clouds rolling in, check out the dairy farm next door to the family farm.  Isn't that view just picturesque?  I love the storm clouds, looks just amazing.
More photos to come on what we did at the farm!


  1. Thank you for sharing these sweet photos of the farms and animals. Love the pole barn that the dad built by himself. A very special visit indeed!

  2. Beautiful! Thanks for the tour....I love cows, too.

  3. My dad's family comes from Montrose PA. I remember as a kid loving to go visit the farm. To this day I love cows, and would love to live on a farm. Maybe in my next life. :)

  4. Great pole barn! I love old barns. There's just something about them that gives a "back to the earth" feeling. I grew up in Hudson, about four or five hours south of the north country. Beautiful scenery up that way!


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