Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Air Plants - Grow Without Soil

Earlier this month, I went to Weehawken to meet up with my friends so that we could have lunch together.  Isn't this view just of NYC from the Weehawken waterfront just stunning? I can see why she loves living here!
We drove down to Highland Park, NJ to meet up with our other friends.  I noticed this neat Air Plant hanging from my friend Mary's house.  Mary owns a florist called Redwood Florist, and she sells plants like these in her shop.  An Air Plant, also known as Tillandsia, are a type of bromeliad plant that grow without needing soil.  All of the nutrients from the plants are gathered from the air, water and sunlight. The roots that they do have cling to surfaces like rocks or trees.  These plants are very low maintenance and are great in terrariums or neat containers.  They are so neat, I have to get me one! If you want to read more on how to take care of plants like these, there is a great article on written by Colleen Vanderlinden.  She also posted an informative video from Urban Dirt TV, which shows step-by-step on how to setup a terrarium and care for these plants. For folks like me who have a hard time keeping indoor plants alive, this is a perfect option!


  1. They sell these kinds at the big flea markets sometimes.

  2. My friend has an air plant here and I just love it! Talk about low maintenance - wow. The one in your photo looks huge and healthy and happy. If you find a source, let me know!

  3. Cool clump! I have been buying air plants for the past couple years now and I am totally addicted! Aimee, check out air plant design studio, they have some good stuff!


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