Saturday, February 4, 2012

Do you Fab?

It's no secret.  I love a good deal.  One thing I've been addicted to are all those online discounted deals on Groupon, Living Social, Bloomspot, etc. And now my new obsession is marries my two loves, design & discounts.  The team at Fab hand selects beautifully designed products and offers them on sale up to 70% off.  The items are on sale for a limited time, 3 days, or until they are sold out.  Today I bought 3 gorgeous Greenmarket prints by the Brooklyn based Illustrator Claudia Pearson.  These prints are 30% off retail and can be purchased now at Fab until Monday 2/6. I just love this herb print, isn't it just beautiful? 
In addition to beautiful prints, on the sale, there are also some beautiful tea towels that feature gardening in the 4 seasons.  These towels are so pretty, I almost don't want to get them dirty! I especially like this Spring garden towel.  I was thinking that these would make awesome Valentine's gifts for that gardener in your life.  Like, who needs a box of chocolates when you can give something as beautiful as this?
And this Heirloom Tomatoes print, just gorgeous!  There are some tomatoes on this print that I haven't grown before and now I'm curious!  I must get seeds for Speckled Roman, Purple Russian, White Queen, Aunt Ruby's German Green these look so interesting!
I was so inspired and interested in these prints that I Googled the artist, Claudia Pearson and saw that she had an Etsy shop as well.  On her Etsy shop she has a whole selection of illustrated products.
On her Etsy shop, she states that the prints above were created for Greenmarkets/GrowNYC as a fundraiser to help benefit the local farmers who were effected by the destruction of their crops due to last summer's Hurricane Irene. Even more reason to buy this print.  Support a local artist, that supports a local farmer's market, that supports local farmers.  Love, love, love this!
"In the wake of Hurricane Irene, the full extent of the farmer's damaged crops is still unclear. However, an estimated 80% of Greenmarket farmers have been impacted, with about 10% reporting severe loss—80-100% of their products. Created for Greenmarkets/GrowNYC, this graphic poster illustrates the wonderful variety of tomatoes available in the farmers markets.
When you purchase this poster $5 will be donated to Greenmarket's Hurricane Irene Relief Fund


  1. Awesome prints, will you frame them? Where will you hang them?

  2. Great prints -- I especially like the one of the tomatoes, of course! I spoke to my aunt in Chicago tonight, who was eating a kumato. She promised to save the seeds for me. My seed collection keeps growing. Maybe another swap before the season begins?

    Btw, I love this concept and am definitely going to check out, and will post a link to your review on FB if you don't mind.

  3. @Jezibels, yes, I plan on framing all three prints and hanging them in the kitchen I think.

    @Revel, yes please share the review!

  4. Oooh! I love these! Funny, when I saw the herb print I thought "these would make spectacular tea towels!" Ha! I will definitely have to check out this woman's etsy shop! Love it - great find!

  5. i do love that tomatoes one. Sounds like a great site. thanks for the tip!

  6. I like them all. Sounds like a cool site.


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