Sunday, February 26, 2012

Craft & Antique fairs

I'm a sucker for craft and antique fairs.  I love how uniquely creative people are when they make something by hand. Where I used to live in Greenpoint, the neighborhood is full of artists, designers, craftspeople who brim with creative energy. I also love to support local artisans in the community.  Whenever I can, I go to these local craft fairs to show my support. This is a blurry photo of The Love Birds Valentine’s Market crafts fair in Greenpoint.  Wow, my camera phone sucks. haha. There was a good turnout of people and vendors.
I love how this vendor is displaying her jewelry.  If you look closely, the jewelry is in a pan of dried beans.  Pretty cool!  I wonder if she eats the beans after the fair is over.
There was one vendor selling antiques.  I am a sucker for antiques.  I just love "saving" old junk.  I mean, they really don't make stuff like they used to.  The quality was so much better back then. The vendor had a whole box of antique agriculture prints that he was selling for $10 each.  I'm totally on a budget right now, but I had to get one.  Hell, I would have bought the entire box if I had the money.  I picked up this great print of raspberries.  How beautiful is this?  Now, I need to find the perfect frame.

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