Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A Toothbrush Made out of Recycled Yogurt Cups

I went food shopping at Trader Joe's yesterday and this package caught my eye.  A toothbrush made out of recycled yogurt containers!  How cool is that?  I needed a new toothbrush so I picked one up. I love supporting companies that make products that are eco-friendly.   It is produced by a company called Preserve and on their website they state that the handle of the toothbrush is made 100% entirely out of recycled #5 plastic.  Preserve also encourages you to help with the recycling efforts, they have in participating Wholefoods stores a recycling bin where you can bring your empty #5 yogurt containers (They will also collect Brita filters). They will collect the yogurt containers and recycle them into these toothbrushes.    I wish they had recycling bins at our local Trader Joe's. I would love to bring my yogurt cups there.
What do most people do with their old worn out toothbrushes?  They throw them out.  Not these bad boys.  On the back of the toothpaste package, is a return mailer envelope. After 3 months of using the toothbrush, you simply put the toothbrush back into the package and mail it back to the company where they will recycle the plastic handle and make a new toothbrush.  You don't even have to pay for postage, postage is free!  If you don't have a store that sells the toothbrushes, you can also buy the toothbrushes online.  I recommend doing a year subscription plan, for $15, they will send you 4 toothbrushes, one every 3 months!
When I opened the package, I saw that the design of the toothbrush has an ergonomic curved handle.  The curved handle gives it a comfortable grip and it makes it easier to reach the back of your teeth.  Beautifully designed and good for the environment... I LOVE IT.  If you like their toothbrushes, they also sell razors, tableware, and kitchen tools all made from yogurt cups.  You might be able to find some of their kitchenwares at your local Target.  Just look for the Preserve label!
(Disclaimer: I did NOT get any type of compensation from Preserve for endorsing or reviewing this product. I just like the toothbrush and proud to endorse it!)


  1. This is great news. I hope they have a bin at a Whole Foods near me. I really hate throwing out yogurt containers. I hear NYC will start recycling them in 2013, but that's a long way off. Thanks for sharing!


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