Thursday, February 9, 2012

A Fun Experiment

My cousin Kathy told me about this fun experiment that she's been doing in her kitchen. When she uses scallions, she throws the bottom white parts of the scallions into a cup of water.
Over a week later, the scallions regrow the green tops!  How incredibly cool is that?  I've never tried this before, but from now on, every time I buy scallions from the supermarket, I will try this!  And to think, all this time, I've been throwing the white ends into the compost.  From this day forward, I'll try to regrow them!  Sustainable scallions, how cool is that?
Photos taken by Kathy


  1. so out of control now!! i think I need to use clear glasses though! Now I can have scallions with everything. it's so fun :)

  2. Isn't it great, we do that with ours sometimes as well. I first realized that one could re-grow them after seeing them sprout greens in the mulch pile years ago.

  3. Neat idea.

    Do you plant your celery bottoms too?

  4. This works with celery bottoms too!

  5. Incredible! I have scallions in the fridge right now - I'll have to give this a try!!!

  6. Used to do it then stopped, then forgot all about it. Thanks for the reminder.

  7. I just recently read about this on another blog. I'm going to try it too.


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