Monday, February 6, 2012

Gardeners are the Best!

Last week, I wrote about how I was interested in doing a seed swap with other gardeners.  Since I made a pact with myself to try to be good with not buying every seed I come across in those seed catalogs. I am so excited, I received a few emails from other garden bloggers who are willing to swap!  Awesome!  I love sharing my extra seeds and I especially love getting seeds of different varieties of edibles that I haven't tried yet.  What's great about a seed swap is that you can try out something new without committing to buying a whole packet of seeds.  The worst is when you buy a whole packet of seeds, and then end up hating what grows. (ahem, Cosmos....I'm talking about you.) Trading with other gardeners is a great way to sample and try out different varieties of plants without breaking the bank. So when I received an email from Annie's Granny stating that she could send me some of her seeds to try out, I was so happy!  I asked Annie's Granny if I could return the favor and send her some of my seeds, but she said she had enough seeds for the season since she's a member of a seed of the month club.  She sent me a nice selection of seeds, I am so excited to grow Chinese Cabbage, Cubanelle Peppers, Cilantro and Summer Savory.  I haven't grown any of these before so it will be fun!  I've never eaten Summer Savory before, does anyone know what it tastes like?  I looked it up and it's a savory herb, I wonder if it tastes like Rosemary, it looks a little like it.  Thanks again Annie's Granny, I'll put the seeds to good use!


  1. You are going to have a very full garden.

  2. Thanks for the post mate you have written it very well.

  3. I've never grown summer savory either, so we can experiment together this year. Googling around, I found this:

    Summer savory spice is often used in salt substitute seasoning blends, and as a support or replacement for thyme and sage. Summer savory is cooked into a variety of meat and vegetable dishes to add an herbal complexity to the flavor.

    Germans commonly refer to summer savory as the bean herb because of how well it complements the flavor of many traditional Bavarian stewed bean dishes.

    Woody stems are removed from summer savory leaves, which are then dried and pulverized to create a dense, leafy green powder. Test your summer savory's potency level before using it in your food, as the level of flavor tends to vary.

  4. Me again! I Goggled for recipes, and found a few that sound pretty good. The simple green bean recipe especially looks like a keeper, as do the roasted potatoes.

  5. I use local freecycle group that formed subgroup to exchange seeds as well. Many of my seeds I saved from last year but I wanted to try many new varieties especilly for heirloom tomatoes this year in addition to my typical brandywines, purple cherokee and zebras. The results are fabulous! I have at least a dozen new varieties to try and will start my seedlings in two weeks.


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