Thursday, February 16, 2012

Horses in Brooklyn?

Last weekend, I was in Prospect Park with a friend and off in the distance I saw horses!  What a cool surprise! I think I literally squealed in delight. I've never seen horses in Brooklyn before, not even those mounted police.  They are usually in Manhattan only.  My friend said that you can take horse riding lessons in Prospect Park. 
I had to get a closer look! How beautiful is this horse!  I have to find out how to get lessons.  I totally want to do this! It's so wonderful to know that even in this metropolis, we get access to this.  I hope that never changes.


  1. Kensington Stables.

    In Brooklyn, we like to say that, with Prospect Park, Olmsted fixed the mistakes he made in Central Park. The independent and interlaced pedestrian, equestrian, and vehicular paths each provide different experiences of the Park. The triple-arch Nethermead Bridge is a striking example of this design.

  2. You'll luv it. I know I've been riding all my life and can't even think about not doing it.

  3. That horse is named Tonka.


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