Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Conserving Water + Growing Garden

When we received our first water bill from New York City and we were shocked to find out that for 6 months, it cost us $600! Most of the water bill was the sewer part, but it got us thinking that we should do more to conserve water. So.... we bought a rain barrel. The rain barrel catches the run off water from the gutters off the roof. We use rain to water the plants! So far, it has rained twice and we have collected 80 gallons of water! Woot, woot! Not only do we feel great about saving money, we also feel awesome about conserving water! So much that we are buying a 2nd rain barrel!

Here is a recent photo of the garden. On the left are the green beans. Then the next two rows are the potato plants. We are growing red potatoes, white potatoes and Yukon gold. Yummy!


  1. Looks terrific! I love the bean poles!

  2. I really, really want a rain barrel. Actually I think I could use several (I wish they weren't so expensive). We've had very little rain since winter so what little we can manage to get, would be useful. Your veggies look lovely!

  3. Wow, when you decided to grow veggies, you went all out! Look at you, growing several kinds of potatoes. I am excited for you, too!

    I enjoy my 2 rain barrels. If you have room, and the budget, it would be good to get 3 more, putting 2 together. I wish we had room to put 2 together, because once it rains, they fill up pretty fast.


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