Sunday, June 20, 2010

Daily Harvest: Lettuce!

Our daily harvest lately has only been lettuce! We bought this lettuce variety pack from Gurney's that included romaine, red sails lettuce, black seeded simpson, and salad bowl. We harvest like a bowl of lettuce a day. It grows so fast!!
Currently we have the lettuce growing directly in the ground, but I want to buy a window box to plant more seeds in. Growing them in the ground is fine, however, when it rains, the dirt gets all over the leaves and some get trampled by the belting rain.
I've already started germinating some more seeds. I must say, I'm getting addicted to growing lettuce!


  1. It looks very tasty!

    I can see why you are addicted!

    Thanks for sharing Rocky's info with your sister!

    We'll get him home safely!!!

  2. Your garden is looking good! We've got so much rain this year that everything is taking so long to get started. We've harvested lettuce, radishes, and rhubarb so far. Thanks for stopping by my blog and checking out the rose jelly recipe.

  3. My lettuce is almost gone for this year. I've seen where some folks grow it in tubs inside their house in the winter-kinda like a potted plant you can eat : )

  4. Nice blog!!!! I've added you to my "Garden blogs I read" side bar!


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