Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Rain, Sweet Rain!

The sky finally opened up and rained. We had a good thunderstorm this evening. I love it when it rains, so the garden can get a good soaking. However, I don't particularly like it when it is a torrential downpour, it pelts the poor little transplanted seedlings, and crushes them. Hopefully in the morning, everything survived. The good news is both of our rain barrels are full now! We have collected in the barrels 95 gallons of rain water for the plants! This should last us 1 week of watering plants! Yahoo! So far this year, we have collected 269 gallons of water! It's so amazing! I love conserving and collecting water for the garden, it's addictive. The rain barrels fill up so fast, we're thinking we need at least 4 more barrels!!
If you are wondering what our rain barrel looks like, see this post here.


  1. Great job on the collection!

    I understand the skies letting go! It did that here a bit after 4pm!

  2. It seems to be raining here constantly for the past month. Storm watch again this am. I wish I had room for a rain barrel.


  3. We are getting rain right now. That's cool about collecting rain water.

  4. I'm jealous of your rain barrels! I want some of these even though we hardly have rain this time of year!!! In fact, I have it on my to do list to do some research and figure out how I can convince the husband to set these up for me. :)

  5. We have 2 rain barrels too (and we've been getting dumped on in Chicago so they have been full since early May)... but anyway, I wanted to know what you do to get more pressure through the hose. Gravity works OK, but I need something better. If you have any rain barrel tips, I'll take them! thanks


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